Charlotte Gluten Free Gourmet Bakery

Charlotte's Menu

We will be changing the menu soon so stay tuned!

 Daily Menu

Muffins $2.50 each or 4 for $9

Carrot muffins, Dairy free blueberry, and dairy free banana are always available. The fourth and fifth muffin varies so feel free to call us and ask!

Cookies $1.75 each or 5 for $7.50

Dairy free chocolate chip cookies, dairy free double chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies are all offered daily. Our 5th cookie rotates so feel free to call us and ask!

Scones $2.75 each

Assorted varieties, call to find out what we made that day or to place a special order for a specific kind!

Pound Cakes or Coffee Cakes $7

We offer many different options and each week they change! You can also call and make requests with notice for specific kinds.

Homestyle White Bread $14

Dairy and Cholesterol free, this bread is akin to a french loaf with a crunchy crust on the outside and a fluffy soft texture inside. Great for toasting! 

Homestyle Honey Oat Bread $15

Dairy free, this bread is high in fiber and protein. It is made with sweet honey and GF Oats. Its a perfect bread for sandwiches with a heartier feel to the overall texture.

Natural Harvest Bread $15

Dairy free, this bread is definitely a hearty mix of seeds and oats. It contains flaxseed, oats, sesame and sunflower seeds. If you're looking for something that is closer to a whole grain this will be the bread for you!

Sandwich/Hamburger Buns $7

Made from our honey oat bread dough, these rolls come in a 4 count package, are dairy free and can be topped with multiple options such as minced onion, poppy seed, garlic, multigrain, or just plain.

Granola $7.25

Dairy free and comes in a 12 oz package. It goes very well with yogurt, eat it plain as a snack or use it as a cereal with a little rice milk! 

Bread Crisps $4.50

Made from our daily breads, these crisps are perfect for dips or just to munch! Dairy free and flavored with salt and pepper. We prefer a garlic cheese spread with them from G.B. Russo!

Croutons $4.50

Also made from our daily bread, these are dairy free and come in a 4 cup bag. Use them to flavor your salads or grind up to use as a breading on your favorite dish! 

Biscotti $1.25 each or 6 for $7

These twice baked cookies (or if you prefer, biscuits!) originate from Italy. They are perfect for a sweet treat with your coffee or just as a hearty cookie. Our daily flavor is Vanilla Almond but there are other seasonal varieties we offer. 


Charlotte's Tomato Focaccia $8

This is an italian flavored bread topped with sliced tomatoes and parmesan cheese. It comes in a round shape and is great to dip in oil or slice up and bake as breadsticks for spaghetti night. Offered on Friday each week, call us to place your order for one!

Dinner Rolls $7.50 

These are dairy free and can be made from any of our breads. We do make them regularly on thursdays from our sourdough bread, otherwise feel free to call and place your order for your favorite type! They come 6 in a bag.

Cranberry Walnut Bread $7

This bread is dairy free and comes in an 8 inch round shape. Usually offered on friday or for special order. We also make it in a 9 inch round for $9

Cake Bites $2.65

These are pre order only and offered through Cascade Confections. They come in multiple varieties and can be gluten free or regular. The link for that website is under our wedding cakes option.

Specialty Bars and Dessert Items

Offered seasonally and around holidays, these include our Coconut Almond Bars, pies and certain varieties of our coffee and pound cakes. 

Hot Dog Buns $6

Starting in May and through September we offer these in any variety of our bread 4 to a bag. Call for a specific type of bread you prefer, they are usually made from our sourdough bread unless specifically requested otherwise. 

 Charlotte's Pizza and Crust's

**These items are preorder only!**

Cheese Pizza's $14

Our italian pizza crusts in a 12 inch round topped with tomato basil sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses and italian spices. Perfect for Friday night pizza night or when you need a quick fix for dinner! 

Pizza Crust's $6 or 3 for $16.50

Our homemade italian crusts, this recipe has been developed and perfected by our bakers to provide you with a delicious 10 inch gluten free pizza crust. Top with sauce or oil, add veggies, cheese or whatever you want! You can also cut them into strips, brush them with garlic butter and bake them to make your own garlic breadsticks. 



*Keep checking back, we try to update our menu as much as possible when it does change but the best way to find out is to call us directly with any questions!*

**We offer our products at Harvest Health in Cascade. If you can't make it in during our retail hours you can find our bread, cookies, muffins, coffee cakes or pound cakes and sandwich/hamburger buns at this location.