Charlotte Gluten Free Gourmet Bakery

 Easter is coming soon! We will be offering some specials for Good Friday but it will all be first come, first served. 

***The specials will be dinner rolls, vanilla bean pound cake, chocolate pound cake, coconut almond bars (there will be a variety), and cupcakes.*** 

Our everyday items will be first come, first served as well. We recommend if you want to special order to do that earlier in the week to have orders held on the other days, April 18th will be the only day we won't be taking special orders.   

Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting our site, a couple quick notes to start off! We ask that any large orders be called a couple of days in advance so we can make sure to have it for you, our sourdough is temporarily discontinued due to our starter dying on us, and we will no longer be offering cakes. We will try and bring these items back as soon as we are able.




We get a lot of questions and emails about our cupcakes and ordering throughout the week, just a quick note, we are not set up to do online ordering or take orders through our email address. We ask that you call the bakery directly during our business hours for questions and to place an order please call before 2pm. Thank you! 




Retail Hours

 Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm 

Saturday & Sunday Closed

Charlotte Gluten Free Gourmet Bakery

2481 32nd Street S.E. Grand Rapids MI. 49512

Phone: 616-957-3706  Fax: 616-957-3707